This is the old Right Of Way home page. There's a very different group now operating under the same name, with a very different outlook. Its home page is at

This site is intended to preserve some memory of the original group.

The old Right Of Way described itself as "a group of activists dedicated to asserting the rights of car-free street users -- including pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters -- and fighting back against car domination." Our home base was New York City.

A fuller account of our outlook and intentions is in our manifesto.

Our activities included:

The website was intended to contain essays, research, rabble-rousing, and reflections on car culture and the car economy, and on ways to cure these pathological conditions.

Wondering about, or annoyed by, the phrase "cars suck", which you may see from time to time around here? Read some thoughts on the subject.

Last updated: August 5, 2022