Cars Suck! -- Research

Is the environmental movement deteriorating as fast as the environment? Most enviro groups still don't understand that "It's the car, stupid!" and fixate instead on the narrow and increasingly peripheral issue of pollution. Our critique of a recent report from the Earth Policy Institute (EPI) explains the wrong-headedness of this approach.

It can be done. A new report describes, in detail, how the US can immediately reduce oil use enough to eliminate imports from Saudi Arabia. We'd all be a lot better off.

2000 Census: New York still majority car-free. An analysis of 1990 and 2000 census figures reveals some interesting patterns. Among other things, car ownership seems to be highly correlated with wealth.

Giuliani: Drivers' time more valuable than peds', by a factor of 10

Browsing the butcher's bill: the car victims database

You've come to the right department: Toronto coroner on car privilege

Killed By Automobile, the first serious statistical study of pedestrian and cyclist killings by motor vehicles in New York.

Another study, calculating the highway fatalities caused by "racial profiling" on the part of New Jersey state troopers. It's a shocker.

For years, cycling fatalities in New York hovered around 18 per annum. Then in 1999 the rate doubled. Cops said, in effect, "Who cares? Cyclists cause their own deaths." We took a closer look and found that the cops got it backwards.

The sinister Dr Irwin Goldstein has recently made quite a name for himself by spreading hysteria about cycling-induced impotence. New York's own Charlie McCorkell took on this white-coated Chicken Little at a recent conference.

We recently brushed back some researchers who were spreading hysteria in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They very handsomely recanted.